I got on Twitter during the afternoon the other day and ran right into what I called “rant hour”. These were positive rants though.

One was coming from a high school friend of mine (@tacobellshawty).  If you follow her and are NOT up to date on what’s going on in the world of politics her rant could’ve made you feel like shit. And if it did then her purpose for going in was served.

I know she was stepping on a few toes so I’m SURE there were people in her mentions defending their reasons behind not being into politics/not knowing what’s going on

I don’t have one of those fancy phones that some people use to screencap photos of dumb, funny, grammatically incorrect tweets so I favorited a lot of hers and my friends “copy and paste” will help me put them here for you to see.

*At least one of these tweets made me feel bad (not like shit, I just felt bad after seeing it) but my pride won’t let me fess up about which one it was*

Here they are:

All ur grandparents with ss and fixed income are not protected under Boehen’s plan.

During the time of her rant the POTUS (president of the United States for those of you who didn’t know) was tweeting the twitter handles of the Republican reps for each state.  No, wait, the fact that our POTUS was doing this caused her rant, I’m sorry.

His tweets about the reps in Georgia:

Live in GA? Have a Republican representative? Tweet them and ask them to support a bipartisan compromise to deficit reduction.

Georgia Republican reps on Twitter:@JackKingston(GA-1), @RepWestmoreland (GA-3), @RepTomPrice (GA-6), @AustinScottGA08 (GA-08) #compromise

After this she tweeted each of them individually to let them know that she’s a Ga voter and that she wanted them to support a bipartisan compromise to deficit reduction

Y’all not caring about what’s going on proves that we as young ppl and black ppl are still behind…rap and sports isn’t life

Football filled my timeline yesterday and 90% of you have no idea who your state senators are….that’s sad and ignorant <~ I THINK this was the first tweet of the rant

Y’all talkin bout snap backs, Jordans, an hoes! Fux that shyt!!! Thats not going to secure ur future.

Lower ur head in shame if u can’t name one of your house representatives but know everything about mike vick <~ she actually had a follower admit that this was true for them

Not knowing who your senators are is a sign of stupidity and ignorance and u will always be inferior

Out of all the ppl I follow which is 284 ppl only 15 of y’all follow @barackobama!!! ARE U FUXING SERIOUS! U GUYS ARE PEASANTS!! <~ I am one of those 15 people


Why wouldn’t u want to follow the leader of ur country RT @stella_maris22 what if you know what’s going on but don’t want to follow him? <~ learning that a LOT of people feel this way

This next tweet is in response to a chick saying that not caring about politics doesn’t make her ignorant or stupid

Not being into politics and not knowing what’s going on is the most ignorant statement u can make. U pay taxes!!!!!!

He is still THE LEADER!!!! u still live in this country! RT @stella_maris22 he’s the elected leader but not the one I wanted <~ this made me wonder if this girl actually voted

When u have the power to vote, u have the power to control!!! EXERCISE YOUR POWER!

No one is going to care about u, if u dont care about urself!!!!!!! Not being into politics is not caring about urself.

We as a society are going to get manipulated and bamboozled everyday if u let someone do it. STAND UP!

the electoral college elects the president…. the house of representatives and senators hold the power!! CHECKS N BALANCES!

If the president held the power do u really think these issues would be going on…Barack is fighting for us!!! do u know his policies? 


Y’all hear somebody say Barack ain’t shyt and dick ride it..this man saved the us auto industry..gave ppl insurance until they 26

everybody saying I don’t like Barack, I don’t like politics can’t name 1 policy he is trying to accomplish!! GUESS WHAT!! THEY ALL BENEFIT US!

Barack reformed credit cards, so y’all won’t get bamboozled by these companies, but u don’t care about politics

Barack gave u the ability to be on ur parents’ insurance until u are 26, but u don’t care about politics. How? <~ I’m currently unemployed which equals no insurance and I took advantage of this policy so thank you Pres. O. He’s the reason I got a new eye exam, glasses and contacts

I love how she tweets about him as if they’re old friends

He can’t stick to what he says if he doesn’t have support in the house!! CHECKS N BALANCES IS REAL PPL!! HE CANT DO SHYT WITHOUT UR SAY SO!!

YOUR SAY SO= UR LOCAL GOV’T OFFICIALS THAT SUPPORT HIS POLICIES! <~ to this I say, if you didn’t vote you have NO right to complain about the results of the election

his policies are policies for the little guy!!! if u dont understand this, u need to educate ur self. and fast!!!!

If our grandparents sat down the way that we are sitting down, we would still be under Jim Crow laws.

Mike Vick got his check….when u lose ur job, can’t get food stamps, unemployment, or health care…then u will care…I CARE NOW!

Our great grandparents got they ass beat, they were hung and were treated brutally for us to vote, and U don’t care about politics. How?

It’s real out here folks, u better start caring…ignoring the issues don’t make them disappear. <~ amen to that last part

I just want to slap some sense in y’all..our grandparents fought for us…I will not dishonor their legacy by not caring

If u don’t care about politics u don’t care about ur life. U pay taxes..u don’t care where the money goes? <~ I find it sad how so many tax payers have no idea where their money is going nor do they care

I don’t even have kids and I care more about ur kids education than u. That’s sad. <~ the school systems in Atlanta and surrounding areas are forever on the news about SOMETHING

I can only imagine what her mentions looked like while this was taking place

Hours after her rant I saw a tweet that said the official twitter acct. of our POTUS lost 37,000 followers b/c they felt he was “tweeting too much” today <~ smh

I’ll admit that I don’t talk politics with others that often, if at all, but that in NO way says that I’m not aware of what’s going on. I can also admit that I don’t know THAT much about it but I know enough to where if there is a political discussion I’m participating in my input doesn’t sound as if I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about

For half of the time she was doing this I was laughing.  But that’s b/c I know her in real life and I know how she is. She’s ratchet as all hell (and I love that about her) but when she’s passionate about something and feel others need to at least be aware she’ll let you know. This was one of those cases.

On a serious note though, I hope those who saw her tweets/this blog post will understand the importance of at least knowing what’s going on.  You don’t have to be so deep into politics to where that’s ALL you talk about but at least have an understanding of how the government and its policies will directly benefit you and know that if you feel that they don’t, your right to vote is your chance to speak on it.


{July 13, 2011}   Love and Hate Relationships

I have a love and hate relationship with quite a few of my personality traits. What amplifies these relationships is that these traits are here for an eternity, they’re not going ANYwhere no matter how many times I try to change. I’ve actually given up trying to change and will tell people who have issues with it, “You know me, or you say you do, you should know this is just how I am”

They are but aren’t limited to:

  • being overly emotional
  • being overly sensitive
  • my inability to get (and stay) mad
  • being too nice to the undeserving
  • caring too much
  • treating people the way I want to be treated
  • having detailed and intimate dreams

Now, don’t get me wrong, these are all WONDERFUL characteristics to have and I do love having them until I get overly emotional or too sensitive about something really petty or something NOBODY else would understand. Until I start hating how someone can hurt my feelings and within 24 hours I’ve forgiven them and gone back to loving them. Until people start taking advantage of my generosity, or when I can’t STOP caring about someone who has obviously stopped caring about me. Being nice and treating people the right way when they treat me like crap. Having these dreams and not being able to act on them for whatever reason.

And then I go back to loving these traits when I see that some people appreciate them.

It really is a never ending cycle.

So, in essence, I have a love/hate relationship with my personality. This is just who I am and though I don’t like it at times, I’ve accepted that I will never change.

{June 12, 2011}   I’m Humbled

By all the love I’ve been getting on my writing.

The fact that I have friends who want to see my work make it into a book was just, I had no words and to top that I have a friend who wants to turn some of my work into short films.

I was rendered speechless. It’s not that I didn’t think my work was good enough, it’s just that I didn’t know other people saw what I do in my writing.

I’m really starting to feel like a real writer despite the struggles I’ve been having to get certain people to read them but I’m over that now. The love I’ve been getting outweighs that struggle.

I feel bad that I can’t exactly remember who read my first story. It’s titled Dreams Do Come True and it came from a dream I had. I woke up with the urge to write about it and since I couldn’t remember all the details I fantasized about the rest of it and it became a story. It was my first sex related story.

Another story came from me glancing at the BKS’s avatar and noticed that he was wearing a tie and came up with Fun on the Job

The first time my stories were referred to as erotic (by someone who’d seen a story via 2tastytongues) I smiled and then a friend of mine called them soft porn. That made me smile but it also made me wonder how people would take my stories being written by a virgin. Would they think a virgin is equipped to write such stories. Oh well if they don’t. I know where the ideas come from and it has nothing to do with whether or not someone has been between my legs

I feel as if I can’t say thank you enough to those who do enjoy reading my stories but please know I’m deeply grateful and all the love and feedback is very appreciated

{June 12, 2011}   A story for my grandchildren

Back when I was a student at GSW I had roommate problems. Not my fault though

I went to Macon with my roommate and some of her friends for a dress for the Blue and White Ball. Well, since I used to attend Mercer (in Macon) I’m really good friends with some of the Alphas (well they’ve graduated since then). Such good friends that I had an open invitation to the Alpha house (which eventually led to a few people calling me a hoe, another story)

The day we went to get the dress was the same day they were throwing a party. I went and took the other girls with me. I was comfortable in that setting b/c they knew me and knew me well. Once we got in me and the girls separated. I spoke to those in the house I knew, put up my coat, and went straight to the fridge for a non-alcoholic drink. I also set my camera (that had my name on it) down on one of the coffee tables.

Long story short, the 3 girls that came with me lied to everybody there and said they were greek (two Deltas and one AKA). My Alpha friends figured they were lying (the two fake Deltas turned down an offer to go to the Delta house that was nearby). Pictures of these fakes throwing up the hand signs were taken on my camera unbeknownst to me (at the time).

We went back to Americus that night and things would never be the same. The next day a few of my Alpha buddies were calling/texting me about the so-called greeks that I brought to their party. I told them that I didn’t and that they’d been lied to.

Two days later the girls came to me asking if I’d developed the pics. I hadn’t yet but told them that I would that day. Another friend went and got my pics developed for me. I didn’t go with her so I figured that what she gave me was all that came out. I showed the three girls the pics and they kept asking me if that was it. I said yes b/c I didn’t know any better.

A few of my Alpha buddies ended up coming to the Blue and White Ball. and paid the 3 girls NO attention but showed me love. This didn’t sit well with the girls so they started rumors about me, calling me all kinds of names and said that the Alphas had ran a train on me.

The next day I see pics of them throwing up the greek signs ALL over campus (on the dorm doors, doors to each bldg. everywhere). Naturally I was confronted but I knew nothing of these pics. Eventually I found out that the person who developed my pics kept those for a rainy day. She copied them, posted them around campus and even emailed them out to her greek friends at schools all over the south region colleges.

Things got worse for me. My towel got snatched while I was showering, water was poured under my door in the hopes that I’d slip while entering or exiting. A sign that said ” a greek groupie stays here” was put on my door. they even wrote on my best friend’s message board “your friend is a greek groupie” and every time I passed either of these 3 girls they called me a bitch under the breath.

I had to get a new roommate b/c my RA was afraid things would get worse. They didn’t and my best friend put a stop to the name calling.

This made me so upset that I was calling my Alpha friends begging them to come get me on the weekends b/c I wanted off that campus. Very few ppl believed that I had nothing to do with that b/c the camera those pics came off of had my name on it.

It was horrible. and yes, I still have the negatives somewhere in my room.

{June 11, 2011}   You Don’t Deserve My Tears

I guess that’s why they ain’t there

and some other lyrics in Beyonce’s Best Thing I Never Had I can relate to.

it’s really the only reason I like the song

the blue boy (what I’m calling him b/c he’s a Sigma) turned out to be the best thing I never had. Because had I gotten him we’d probably have been broken up not too long after I got fired because he was using me for my money.

I thought I loved him but I didn’t, I loved the way he looked and by that I mean he has a really handsome face. but I realized that I could never love his personality and the way he treated me.

More than happy we never dated. When I got over him I was a bit shocked I didn’t cry about it but then I realized that he wasn’t worth my tears (and I know that sounds cliche’ but still it’s true)

Needless to say, other than us being friends, everything that has happened to me where the BKS is concerned never would’ve happened had me and blue boy been together so me not getting him was a blessing in disguise.

He never once apologized and had the audacity to tell me late last year that had I given him a chance he’d have tried to devirginize me. Really? b/c I gave him PLENTY of unintentional opportunities, ask any of my close friends.

Oh well now, he will have to just join in with two or three other guys with their hopes that the BKS is willing to dish (he won’t dish though).

I’m not that big on friends trying to hook me up with either one of their friends or a mutual friend (the mutual friend is the WCS in my book)

for one, if I say no things will be awkward the next time the three of us are in the same social setting

two, say we do hook up but things don’t work out-what happens then?

three, the friend who did the “hooking” SOMETIMES feels obligated to be IN the relationship

threeA-along with that obligation, they also often feel the need to occasionally remind us of how we got together

I’d rather get with your friend (or our friend) on MY time and at MY pace if I so choose.

and maybe it’s just me (most times it is) but if said friend is interested in me, why can’t said friend ask me himself? Yes, he may need you to find out some things about me (am I single/looking/attached, am I crazy, etc) but once he’s so called free and clear to at least ask me out, why is the middle man needed*

In other words, he’s met me more than once, all the questions he’d need answers to prior to asking me out were answered on those occasions, all he has to do now is open his mouth and ask

*I realize that there are certain cases where a middle man is needed, however I don’t feel as if this is one of those cases

{June 11, 2011}   Howdy!!

I made it!!!

Still trying to figure out the kinks of WordPress but I’m going to get it together

I came here, honestly, b/c my Tumblr BFF (who affectionately calls me LoveMuffinHead) suggested I create one since I love writing.

so here I am!!!


et cetera