Black Friday is approaching. slower than I’d like though. I’m ready to get it over with and move on. to a normal day behind the register

however, I’d like to share with you some things that go through my mind (and I’m sure the minds of other retail workers) during this time of year. trying to remember if I did something like this last year but I can’t. if I did, this is reinforcement, if not then here you go.

8 things to keep in mind

1. when you read the price sign on an item ALSO look at the description of the item as well as the original price. the sign may have a different original price from the item in your hand which means the sale price on the sign DOES NOT go with the item in your hand. Yes, we understand that’s where you found the item but that’s not where it belongs. we don’t mind double checking prices just don’t get upset when we show you why the sale price you saw doesn’t go with what’s in your hand

2. it’s really not appropriate to use/wear an item BEFORE buying it no matter how sure you are that you’re going to get it. this includes wearing shoes to the register and putting your shoes (that you wore into the store) in the box. Once you’ve paid for the item, you’re more than welcome to do what you please with it. Not before though.

3.  the trashcan behind the register is for small items like paper. Not diapers or your empty beverage cup. that is what the large trashcans outside the door (or right at the entrance to the store) are for

4. if my hand is out to receive your coupon or payment, don’t disrespect me by putting said item on the counter and then sliding it to me.

5. please put all items you KNOW you’re going to buy on the counter first. and let the cashier know what you’re unsure of so you can decide while she’s ringing up what you know you’re paying for.

6. if you decide that you don’t want an item, please give it to your cashier (or the nearest employee). Believe it or not, we’d much rather you do that than to stick the item somewhere it doesn’t belong.

6a. when you put items back where they DON’T belong it makes it hard for not only me but your fellow shoppers. they may come looking for that item but can’t find it (where there’s a sign and a price for it) b/c YOU didn’t put it back in its rightful place. Not to mention it makes recovery/clean up that much longer and prevents us from going home when we’re supposed to

7. there is a Clearance rack for just about EVERY section of the store. this means, and it’s ESPECIALLY true for all clothing departments, that the item you saw on Clearance could be ANYWHERE when you come back to get it. Yes, we know our store but at the same time we know you and shoppers like you. You more than likely stuck it somewhere you thought would be easy/quick for you to find later and 1 of 2 things happened: 1) it got put back where it rightfully belonged during recovery or 2) another customer came by, saw it and bought it. Tip: numb. 1 happens a lot more often than numb. 2

7a. how we determine which Clearance sticker is right (when you have an item that has more than one sticker on it): we check the original price on the item and the original price that’s written at the very top of the sticker. For example, those pants have an original price of $46.00. One sticker says $24.99 while another says $14.99. We’re going to go with the price of the sticker that says Org. Price $46.00

8. if you just so happen to notice that an item you want doesn’t have a price tag, please grab another one (exactly like the one you want) so we can scan it and eliminate the hassle of a price check. esp. during busy times like the holidays

9. Keep ALL your receipts. No matter what you buy. and if you buy something as a gift for someone else, request a gift receipt,  that way you can keep the original (esp. if you didn’t buy just their one item) and they’ll have one in the event they need to return or exchange the item

and there you have it, a list of things retail workers wish people took into consideration when shopping. Even when it’s not the holiday season. Working retail has COMPLETELY changed the way I shopped (not that I do too much of that anyway). It has also changed the way those close to me shop probably b/c I vent to them and they see themselves in what I’m saying.


et cetera