{August 7, 2013}   It’s that time again…

and no, I’m not talking about football. Well, not completely

It’s that time where my answer to anyone’s variation of the “what are you doing” question is either “if I’m not working” or “if I’m not sleep”

You see, I have three jobs, a full time, part time and seasonal. and this is the beginning of the working rush. meaning, from August until January there will be days (weeks even) where I work all three with no day off.

My full time is at a pediatrician’s office (Mon-Fri, and every other Sat.), my part time is at Kohl’s (Friday and Saturday evenings and the occasional Sun.) , and my seasonal is with the Atlanta Falcons (whenever they have a home game).

it sounds hectic and stressful but it’s actually not. it’s quite fun. for the most part they don’t overlap. the FT and S have the potential to overlap on the days where there’s a night game here in Atlanta. But, I considered that and made the necessary arrangements to prevent it from happening.

Most people think I’m complaining when I say I’m either tired or sleepy (or both). I’m not, I’m just simply stating that I’m tired or sleepy, there’s no hidden message underneath.

do I feel overworked? Not really

the biggest issue I have is when one job thinks it’s more important than the other two. Yes, I work more days/hours at one job than I may work at another but guess what? All three are putting money in my pocket and helping me pay my bills. So I treat them equally. I don’t like when anyone interferes with my money so I have major issues when someone hinders me (or attempts to hinder me) from getting to one of my other jobs.

the part time came first, then the seasonal and lastly came the full time. the order in which I got them makes no difference to me and contrary to popular belief I don’t treat the one that pays more better than I do the other two.

Obviously my job with the Falcons is the most fun. I love interacting with the fans and I’ve met some really cool people (Craig Sager just to name one)

one of the best parts is when all three checks hit on the same day. it’s rare but it happens

last week was the first time that I’d been to all three in one day. I went from the Dome to the pediatrician’s office and then Kohl’s on a Friday. and then Saturday I got up to work at the doctor’s office and followed it with a night at Kohl’s during Back to School time. Needless to say, I was tired by the time Sunday rolled around.

aside from, “how do you do it” the biggest questions I get asked are about Kohl’s sales and whether or not I can get tickets to a game.  I don’t mind spreading the word about a Kohl’s sale (esp. since they have their own advertising) but I kind of get tired of being asked whether or not I can get someone a ticket. the funny part, to me at least, is that half of these people asking are the last people I’d give a spare ticket to. No offense though.  If we got tickets, (we don’t) I have parents and siblings who would get first dibs on them. In a tiny, Thumbelina-sized way I kind of see how players feel when they’re asked the same question.

I have the most fun at the Dome b/c I get to interact with fans of my favorite sport even if they aren’t rooting for the home team. and to answer your question, I see more visiting team players than I do Falcons b/c I enter the Dome where their buses load/unload. Last year, as the Cowboys were loading their buses I noticed that one of them was waving at me. It was my cousin, Dwayne Harris, one of their wide receivers

the worst part about working for the Falcons is that I can’t go to church on game days. Church starts at 7:30 and again at 10. I have to be at the Dome at 9am unless it’s a night or late afternoon game. Lucky for me, my pastor is a fan so he understands.

I like working at Kohl’s b/c believe it or not, it has kind of turned me into a shopper. Something I wasn’t  up until about a week of working there.  the customers say I’m extremely friendly, have great customer service and that my greeting upon their entrance into the store makes them feel welcome. and that makes me feel good and it makes my boss happy b/c they love telling him that.

The doctor’s office is great too b/c any type of medical question I have, I can easily go to either of the doctors or nurse practitioners we have.  They’ve helped me to change my eating and sleeping habits among other things.

So, I get more than just a paycheck from these jobs. They take up most, if not all, of my time but it’s so worth it.  I do my best to make time for friends and family so when plans are made I try my hardest to keep them


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