{October 14, 2012}   #30WriteOctober Day Thirteen

*screams* I’m in Baltimore!!!!

well, right outside of it if you want to get specific

The weekend that I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Tomorrow I will be at the very same stadium as my favorite football player Ray Lewis

Just wanted to say that I love my cousin for giving me the opportunity to see this game. To see him play live for the first time. To see his team (the Cowboys) take on my favorite team (the Ravens) in Baltimore!! A dream come true (literally)

the big question that EVERYBODY has been asking me though is “who will you cheer for? Ray Lewis or your cousin”. and up until recently I didn’t know. I’m going to cheer for both. for the entire game

another question I kept getting asked was “will you wear something Ravens or something Cowboys”? Answered that question about an hour before my flight. I got a Cowboys tee made especially for my cousin. It’s orange (yes, I’m well aware of the Cowboys team colors, I wanted this shirt to stand out and it will). It’s cold up here so underneath I’ll have a purple shirt and somewhere on me I’m going to stick a Ravens tee. And I’m thinking of possibly wearing my Ravens hat as well.

That doesn’t sound like it matches but right now (and this may change once I see how it REALLY looks tomorrow morning) I don’t care.

I’m so excited. Not too excited to sleep though b/c I woke up at 6 this morning to attend a portion of New Members class before flying out

Speaking of flying out, I missed my original flight but that’s cool. Had to succumb to buying expensive airport food. Wait, I could’ve but I didn’t. I only bought a small take out box of fries. Less than $4.00. and the water I had with it was surprisingly free.

There was a Chick-fil-A in the airport but they only served sandwiches. and you can’t use coupons. the only coupons I have currently offer you a free sandwich with the purchase of something else. Something else that wasn’t on the airport’s CFA menu.

this weekend will be unforgettable. I will def. look like a tourist tomorrow taking all kinds of pictures. It will be obvious that this is my first time in Baltimore and at a Ravens game. and I’ve been told that the Wal-Mart in Baltimore has the most inexpensive Ravens gear so you know I’m going to buy SOMETHING!!!

Every 10 or so minutes I grab my cheeks (the ones on my face), cheese really hard and silently scream “I’m going to see Ray Lewis tomorrow” <~ THAT is how excited I am


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