{October 12, 2012}   #30WriteOctober Day Ten

I was supposed to write this yesterday but Mother Nature had other plans

*TMI alert*

We made our goal so as promised our boss put food on the grill for us. I went in early to get food b/c I wasn’t sure if he was going to cook enough for ALL the shifts to get some. Also b/c my co-workers operate on a “every man for himself” mindset. I figured I could go in, get something to eat and hang out with my co-worker’s children until it was time for me to go work

That’s what I did and ended up learning that he’d be back to cook for the night shift (the one I’d be working)

I get to work and already I’m cramping. and it’s unusually hot in the store. Normally I have a jacket handy b/c the store is freezing cold. Not tonight though

I get to my register and I’m thinking “yeah, I’m not going to last all night. Especially since I have to be on my feet”

I started doing what I usually do when I come to the register, straighten it out for MY liking when I feel water dropping down my face. Sweat. I remembered the cookies in my car that were for a co-worker and arranged a way for her to get them.

I could feel a panic attack coming on and let me tell you, cramping AND enduring a panic attack is not what’s up. At all

Co-worker comes to my register and I’m on all fours tapping the side of it. She’s on the phone and I hear her telling our other co-worker that I was “doubled over about to give birth to my uterus”. That made me laugh but Mother Nature said “I dare you to chuckle, I dare you”

My manager said that she was sending someone over to take my place so I could go home. That person took too long so I left while a floor associate watched my register

I get to the breakroom door and a co-worker says “are you okay, you look really pale”.

I sit in there for a long while.  I kept telling myself that I needed to get up and go home.

Finally I gathered enough umph to get up, grab a piece of chicken for my dad and gather my belongings. Yeah right, as soon as I wrapped that chicken up and sat it back on the table did I run for the trashcan.

EVERYTHING that I’d eaten that day came back up. and kept coming up. and kept coming up

I stopped puking enough to clean my face, grab my things and head to my car.

I had every intention of taking some hours from a friend but my night manager took one look at my face and said “nawl, you stay home tomorrow”

So I did


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