{October 9, 2012}   #30WriteOctober-Day Seven

My mama’s birthday. Today is also the day I joined the church that I’ve been visiting for a little over a year. When the service called for people who wanted to join I decided that I’d take myself down to the altar. But the man on my right had other plans. I was holding hands with the people next to me and I politely let go and said “excuse me” and attempted to walk out of the pew. Realizing where I was going the man asked me if he could walk me. I said yes and he walked me down front (in his defense, the pastor DOES say if the person beside you wants to come down front walk with them). Completely forgetting that I was going to have to leave the sanctuary I left my purse on the pew. I also didn’t know I’d be gone for the remainder of the service. (they take the group of people who come down front to either A) get saved, B) join the church or  C) renew their relationship with Christ to a room to find out why they came down and then assist them accordingly). When I went back to my pew my purse was gone. Before I let myself think that someone in the church would stoop so low as to take my purse panic I figured my dad (who was a few rows in front of me) saw me go down front empty handed and decided to collect my belongings. I was wrong. I finally turned to find an usher. She smiled at me and motioned for me to come to her. I did and she welcomed me to their church family and handed me my purse. She said that the man who walked with me was, in her words, “very protective of my purse” and took it to her once he saw that I wouldn’t be back before the service let out.

I thought that was nice of him.

The usher tried to lecture me on leaving my purse but I explained to her why I left my purse on the pew. She smiled at me again and whispered “we’re always looking for ushers”. I smiled even though I knew I wasn’t going to be one. I’ve always thought you  had to be an older woman in order to be an usher. Probably b/c I’ve never seen an usher that looked younger than 35.

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