{October 9, 2012}   #30WriteOctober-Day 6 Rewrite

I had written a rant piece on what I’ve learned since working retail but decided not to post it. Everything I said was the truth but after re-reading it I realized that some of what I said may not be meant for such a public forum as this. I’m not ashamed of what I wrote though, let’s make that clear.

So, I did a rewrite for Day 6. Enjoy

It has been said that “if a writer falls in love with you you can never die. You will always be alive in their work”.

I can’t (and won’t) speak for other writers but this is true for me.

If I’m attracted to you it’s quite possible that the part of you that will be reflected in my writing will be sexualized or really intense. It all depends. On how deep my attraction to you goes, that is. Whether or not I’ll share said piece is also determined by how deep the attraction is. If you’re aware of the attraction can sometimes determine if I’ll share the piece with you.

I don’t necessarily have to be attracted to you in order for you to find your way into my writing though. I may take bits and pieces of your personality and apply it to a character. Your traits that I admire and even the ones I can’t stand may be given to a character or a general piece I’m working on.

I was on Twitter once and a tweet from my crush crossed my timeline. I looked at his avatar and wrote an entire piece based on one little detail that I saw. One detail. Said story is a favorite of mine and that of my growing list of readers. Does he know he inspired the story? Yes. Has he read it? Yes. Did he like it? Yes.

I took a few personality traits from two people who hate each other and applied them to one character. They’ll never know though.

I am in no way attracted to my pastor but while listening to him one Sunday I wrote an entire story while in church. A tiny piece of the side of him I see is given to the hero in the story.

I love when inspiration hits me. Where may not always be convenient in that I may not have pen and paper handy but thank God for my phone and its Notes section. I can write an entire piece and discover, during the proofreading process, that I’ve put someone who may have recently crossed my path somewhere in it.

I can appreciate that I have a writing style all my own. I have an “on/off” switch for the obvious factor. I can write where it will be obvious to the reader that I have a personal connection to a plot or character. Sometimes it’s not so obvious. At times I write where the connection is only obvious to me.

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