{October 6, 2012}   #30WriteOctober-Day Two


Loss Prevention came to mind first. Probably b/c I wrote this standing at my register. That and our LP guy just walked by.

The second thing that came to mind was the “loss/lost” struggle that can be seen almost daily on social networks.


Do you ever REALLY get over the loss of a loved one? I personally don’t think so, you just learn to live with it.

There will always be those moments where you reflect on what path(s) your life WOULD’VE taken had you had that person’s guidance/influence.

You learn to cope as the days go by. Those first few days after they’re gone that you DON’T think about them are the hardest. Because once you realized that they didn’t cross your mind you start to wonder if that means you no longer care. Or the first year their birthday or the anniversary of their death comes along and you don’t go visit their grave. This just means that you’re finally learning to live life without their physical presence.

I have no recollection of my daddy but yet every time I open my closet and see the Georgia Bulldogs sweatshirt I was told he wore I wonder if he was even a fan or if he just happened to have the sweatshirt. I was told that his favorite hymn was The Blood. It’s my favorite too.

I’ve never really gotten over the fact that I grew up without a daddy.  I just deal with it. and the older I get the more I start to think about my wedding day and whether or not my dad (my mother’s husband) will walk me down the aisle or if I’ll walk down by myself.


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