{October 6, 2012}   #30WriteOctober Day Three

I was going to write about how there are a few movies that were slept on that I ended up loving. Movies such as An Unfinished Life (with Robert Redford, J.Lo and Morgan Freeman) or Patch Adams with Robin Williams and Monica Potter. Or how about Clover, about how the daughter of a black man (who dies in a car accident the day he marries a white woman) learns to cope with the loss of her father and how she’s now “stuck” with a white woman as a mother. Or The Longshots starring KeKe Palmer and Ice Cube (my love for the game of football might be why I love this movie)

Instead, I’m choosing to write on how I’ve “grown up” when it comes to being a fan of certain things and people.

Back in the day, if you uttered a single negative thing to me about any celebrity I loved I’d go into straight defensive mode. For instance, any time someone would call Ray Lewis a murderer I’d always respond with “were you there, then shut up”. Or the moment someone would say that Ludacris sucks as a rapper my rebuttal would be about how he’s never been to jail, has gone to college, etc.

I might could’ve been a stan for those two guys when I was younger.

Not anymore though.

I’ve learned that not everybody is going to feel the same way I do about them. And that’s perfectly okay.  And b/c I realize this now I don’t always jump to their defense when someone is speaking negatively about them.

I will just always beg to differ in their cases.

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