*blows the dust from the page*

Hi Welcome to Kohl’s..sorry, that’s a habit these days

For starters, I’m a working girl now!! and I love it

My life has gotten so much better now that I have a job. A lot of blessings have come my way lately and I’m way more than appreciative to the Big Guy in the Sky for them

My birthday came and friends took me to Miami and a few days after we returned I got the call about the job

If you couldn’t tell, I work at Kohl’s (where you can expect great things) and have already built a reputation as being considerate and on time. I’ve been told countless times that I’m probably the only person who gets to the register either EXACTLY when I’m supposed to be there or a few minutes before

I’ve also had COUNTLESS customers tell me how bubbly and friendly my personality is.

I’ve heard nothing but good things regarding my work there and I love it!!!

I want to apologize for slacking on my writing and hide in shame because I have no real reason as to why I started to slack off.

I’ve written or at least started on a few new stories. Wrote one last night that was inspired by two people I follow on Tumblr. I’ll publish it here on Monday

I have not forgotten about the fact that I want to put out a book of short stories. I’m still working on that

I’ve set, and colorfully made visual, new goals for myself.

I’ve changed, probably one of the best changes I’ve ever made. For the first time in all my years I’ve put myself first. Sometimes, well, more than I ever have before.

I’ve been working on a lot of things that may seem small right now but they’re all pieces to the big puzzle I hope to have complete before the year of my 10th high school reunion rolls around next year

Along with getting these things accomplished some other things that are important to me, just not AS important right now, have fallen to the wayside. Sort of, meaning I’m still working towards them but other things are higher on my priority list. This will not include my writing (actually becoming more consistent with it is on the list). I will pick these things back up when the time is right but for now I’m just letting certain things happen when and how they’ll happen. I’ve also kicked my patience up a notch

I’m in such a happy place right now and things can only get better for me from here


et cetera