{July 6, 2011}   *Marks item off of Bucket List*

A few Fridays ago I was able to mark off an item on my Bucket List. There isn’t much on this list but having a photo shoot done was definitely on it.

My friend Kenneth Cummings, who I call Blu, ( is a photo journalist who was in town for the weekend.

He agreed to photograph me and I’m so happy about how the pictures came out. I loved every minute of it and Blu can now attest to how goofy I really am.

my "natural laughter"

I became the first person Blu tried his Double Take effect on other than himself. I love the way these came out

the double take

He did a few more shots of me in one of my favorite SYM1DidIt ( shirts


looking at these pictures and thinking back on the things he was saying to me to get me to make certain faces makes me laugh


you don't want to know what he said that resulted in this face


closeup of my "signature" facial expression


I really like this one

the few words that resulted in this face *see below* always make me smile

can't describe this face but I know what brings it on

I’ve never once dreamed of being a model but I have thought once or twice about having my picture taken professionally. And I do NOT count those picture shops in the malls as “professional”.. lol

So to be able to do this, with a trusted friend, meant a lot to me.

Thank You  Blu!!!

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