{June 14, 2011}   An update on my weight

My mama finally asked me what sparked this new eating and exercise regimen I’ve been on. She was SURE I was going to say something about what a friend or whoever told me.


It was this video

It came across my Tumblr dashboard and I watched with about 3 cookies in my hand. I put the cookies down b/c I was ashamed that she could do that and I couldn’t.  She’s in better shape than I am. I mean I can hold up my weight, fairly well I might add, but I’m not sure if I can hang upside down on a pole by my ankles (I’d love to try it one day though.) I’m sure she’s probably healthier than I am too.

I watched this video like 5 times. I have got to try this.  I want to get my body in whatever shape it needs to be in to do that with the ease that she does.

the only thing she did that I can do is stand on my head. I can’t even do a split anymore.

That is the biggest reason I started this whole thing. Another reason was that I wanted to get some sort of exercising into my schedule no matter how light it may be

My weight is still rapidly dropping. Two days ago the scale said 101lbs and I got kind of excited. That is, until I got on it late last night and it said 99lbs.

I have a pair of capri pants that were bought for me when I was in 10th grade. Never knew why I didn’t wear them back then but I kept them b/c they’re so cute. they fit perfectly now.

there’s a pair of jeans in my closet that are a size 1 that I haven’t been able to fit into since 2004, they fit again (yay!!).

I had to reassure my parents that I wasn’t doing this so that I could be super skinny.  and I’m really not.

I keep at it b/c it’s a great feeling to eat “right” and exercise. also, I’m excited that I came up with an exercise plan on my own and it works.


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