{June 12, 2011}   A story for my grandchildren

Back when I was a student at GSW I had roommate problems. Not my fault though

I went to Macon with my roommate and some of her friends for a dress for the Blue and White Ball. Well, since I used to attend Mercer (in Macon) I’m really good friends with some of the Alphas (well they’ve graduated since then). Such good friends that I had an open invitation to the Alpha house (which eventually led to a few people calling me a hoe, another story)

The day we went to get the dress was the same day they were throwing a party. I went and took the other girls with me. I was comfortable in that setting b/c they knew me and knew me well. Once we got in me and the girls separated. I spoke to those in the house I knew, put up my coat, and went straight to the fridge for a non-alcoholic drink. I also set my camera (that had my name on it) down on one of the coffee tables.

Long story short, the 3 girls that came with me lied to everybody there and said they were greek (two Deltas and one AKA). My Alpha friends figured they were lying (the two fake Deltas turned down an offer to go to the Delta house that was nearby). Pictures of these fakes throwing up the hand signs were taken on my camera unbeknownst to me (at the time).

We went back to Americus that night and things would never be the same. The next day a few of my Alpha buddies were calling/texting me about the so-called greeks that I brought to their party. I told them that I didn’t and that they’d been lied to.

Two days later the girls came to me asking if I’d developed the pics. I hadn’t yet but told them that I would that day. Another friend went and got my pics developed for me. I didn’t go with her so I figured that what she gave me was all that came out. I showed the three girls the pics and they kept asking me if that was it. I said yes b/c I didn’t know any better.

A few of my Alpha buddies ended up coming to the Blue and White Ball. and paid the 3 girls NO attention but showed me love. This didn’t sit well with the girls so they started rumors about me, calling me all kinds of names and said that the Alphas had ran a train on me.

The next day I see pics of them throwing up the greek signs ALL over campus (on the dorm doors, doors to each bldg. everywhere). Naturally I was confronted but I knew nothing of these pics. Eventually I found out that the person who developed my pics kept those for a rainy day. She copied them, posted them around campus and even emailed them out to her greek friends at schools all over the south region colleges.

Things got worse for me. My towel got snatched while I was showering, water was poured under my door in the hopes that I’d slip while entering or exiting. A sign that said ” a greek groupie stays here” was put on my door. they even wrote on my best friend’s message board “your friend is a greek groupie” and every time I passed either of these 3 girls they called me a bitch under the breath.

I had to get a new roommate b/c my RA was afraid things would get worse. They didn’t and my best friend put a stop to the name calling.

This made me so upset that I was calling my Alpha friends begging them to come get me on the weekends b/c I wanted off that campus. Very few ppl believed that I had nothing to do with that b/c the camera those pics came off of had my name on it.

It was horrible. and yes, I still have the negatives somewhere in my room.

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