{June 11, 2011}   You Don’t Deserve My Tears

I guess that’s why they ain’t there

and some other lyrics in Beyonce’s Best Thing I Never Had I can relate to.

it’s really the only reason I like the song

the blue boy (what I’m calling him b/c he’s a Sigma) turned out to be the best thing I never had. Because had I gotten him we’d probably have been broken up not too long after I got fired because he was using me for my money.

I thought I loved him but I didn’t, I loved the way he looked and by that I mean he has a really handsome face. but I realized that I could never love his personality and the way he treated me.

More than happy we never dated. When I got over him I was a bit shocked I didn’t cry about it but then I realized that he wasn’t worth my tears (and I know that sounds cliche’ but still it’s true)

Needless to say, other than us being friends, everything that has happened to me where the BKS is concerned never would’ve happened had me and blue boy been together so me not getting him was a blessing in disguise.

He never once apologized and had the audacity to tell me late last year that had I given him a chance he’d have tried to devirginize me. Really? b/c I gave him PLENTY of unintentional opportunities, ask any of my close friends.

Oh well now, he will have to just join in with two or three other guys with their hopes that the BKS is willing to dish (he won’t dish though).

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