{June 11, 2011}   Relationship hook-ups: why I’m against them

I’m not that big on friends trying to hook me up with either one of their friends or a mutual friend (the mutual friend is the WCS in my book)

for one, if I say no things will be awkward the next time the three of us are in the same social setting

two, say we do hook up but things don’t work out-what happens then?

three, the friend who did the “hooking” SOMETIMES feels obligated to be IN the relationship

threeA-along with that obligation, they also often feel the need to occasionally remind us of how we got together

I’d rather get with your friend (or our friend) on MY time and at MY pace if I so choose.

and maybe it’s just me (most times it is) but if said friend is interested in me, why can’t said friend ask me himself? Yes, he may need you to find out some things about me (am I single/looking/attached, am I crazy, etc) but once he’s so called free and clear to at least ask me out, why is the middle man needed*

In other words, he’s met me more than once, all the questions he’d need answers to prior to asking me out were answered on those occasions, all he has to do now is open his mouth and ask

*I realize that there are certain cases where a middle man is needed, however I don’t feel as if this is one of those cases

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